The Countries we serve

  • Algeria

    Algeria, the largest country in Africa, is one of the most fascinating countries in North Africa. Tribal culture is very much alive.

    Having been colonized by France more than a hundred years, Algeria won its independence in 1962 after a bloody, violent war. The new government was almost from the start increasingly socialist and authoritarian. After the Islamist party won the elections in the early 90's, capitalizing on the discontent of the people, the government declared the vote invalid, throwing the nation into a horrendous civil war. Over 100,000 people, mostly civilians, lost their lives. The country was left scarred and deeply traumatized by the violence and atrocities it witnessed.  Only when the revolution began in Tunisia the “state of emergency” was finally lifted. Yet, there are also stories of hope to be told about this wounded nation: Around 1981, God began to move in an amazing way amongst the Kabyle Berbers. This people group has long suffered discrimination. Today, there are tens of thousands of Kabyle believers in Algeria – the Kabyle Mountains have witnessed the fastest growing church movement in the Muslim world!

    God's Spirit is moving in this country! We hear many stories of Algerians having had an encounter with Jesus in a dream or vision. We challenge you to get involved!! We’re asking God for more workers for His harvest, for more intercessors, for more people to reach out to this broken and wounded nation. If you have a heart for God's work among Algerians or would like to pray for Algeria, we would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Algeria, please contact us at:

    Praying for Algeria:

    Pray for...

    • the unfinished task in Algeria! Outside the Kabyle Mountains, there is little Christian witness, with only two dozen or so small fellowships scattered throughout a country of 30 million inhabitants! Pray for more Arabs to come to know the Lord. Pray for the Kabyle church to catch God's mandate to be a missionary church!
    • religious groups other than Islam are only allowed to meet when officially registered. This renders house churches basically illegal. Protestant groups have found it almost impossible to get their church buildings registered due to lack of information, bureaucracy, or resistance to their application. Only church officials ordained in Algeria are allowed to preach the Gospel. Pray for greater freedom for the Algerian church.
    • the country will open up further in general. Foreign investment and business is hard to establish, and tourism idifficult to promote since visas are hard to get. Pray that the doors to Algeria swing open!
    • healing for this deeply wounded and scarred nation, for reconciliation, restoration, and restitution where it is needed. Pray for a climate of mistrust to give way to a time of healing and peace.
  • chad

    Chad is a vast territory, the fifth-largest country in Africa, encompassing part of the Sahara Desert in the North and thick bush land in the south. Due to its distance from the sea and desert climate, the country is sometimes referred to as the "Dead Heart of Africa".

    The people of Chad are among the poorest in the world. Despite their struggles with disease, hunger, a harsh climate, and periods of unrest, they welcome those who come to live in their midst with open arms. Beneath the rough exterior, a wealth of warmth and culture wait to be discovered. Chad is home to more than 200 ethnic and linguistic groups – what richness and diversity!

    Over the past several decades Chad had been plagued by constant political unrest and has been listed by some as a failed state. It also holds the infamous record of being the most corrupt country in the world (2005 index). Refugees from Darfur and the Central African Republic along with internally displaced persons add an additional strain on a country with already scarce natural resources.

    Chad is not only ethically, but also religiously very diverse. Roughly half the population is Muslim, the other half embraces Christianity or Animism. In both Islam and Christianity a lot of animistic and traditional African elements find their way into the practice of religion. The constitution provides for a secular state and guarantees religious freedom; different religious communities generally co-exist without problems.

    In this dry and severely challenged land, we can rejoice that there is still religious freedom. We pray it will continue. One worker wrote, “The hour for Chad is NOW. We do not know how long a mission presence can be tolerated or be physically present here. There is a great spiritual battle over Chad”. We believe God has challenged us to be involved in this country.  We want to see many Chadians standing with us before the throne of God on that Great Day to come.

    Who would like to take on the Chadian Challenge? Do you feel God calling you to rise up and pray for this nation? We would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Chad, please contact us at:

    Praying for Chad:

    Pray for...

    • the political leaders to not abuse their positions of power for self-elevation or personal gain, but to rule their country with a sense of the fear of God on them and with an attitude to bring blessing to their people.
    • a greater degree of dignity and respect for Chad's women. Polygamy is sanctioned by law and is widely practiced. Female genital mutilation is, although prohibited, performed on a shocking 45% of the women. Only 21% of the women in Chad are literate. Pray for a hope and a future for the woman in Chad, and that they will know that they are cherished, unique, and precious in Jesus' eyes.
    • the people to experience the freedom that Christ brings! Syncretistic beliefs bring fear and bondage to a majority of the people of Chad. “Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.”
    • the workers in Chad. They serve in a barren and hot place with many challenges, often seeing very little fruit even after many years of investment. Pray for perseverance – and that their activities will be motivated by a deep and ever deepening love for the Chadian people!
  • Libya

    In 2011, after 40 years of isolation and a regime of extreme oppression, the people of Libya rose up.  The revolutionary movements gaining momentum in Libya’s neighbors, Tunisia and Egypt, inspired an uprising that turned into a war with international assistance, that ultimately ended with Colonel Gadda’s death in October 2011.

    As Libyans start to rebuild their country we need to pray for righteous and wise leadership. The newly elected assembly is responsible for putting together a new constitution. The land is stained with blood from the past centuries, and the past war created further rifts and an atmosphere of mistrust. We trust God for a generation to grow up that is ready to work toward reconciliation and restitution. We hope for an outpouring of the Spirit's power to cover the nation and lead many to Kingdom.

    Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa. The Sahara engulfs more than 90% of the country, with vast sand seas the size of small European countries! With the desert comes an extreme climate and holds the record for the highest temperature ever measured on earth, 57.8 °C. Libya is where the Sahara and Africa meet the Mediterranean – not only geographically, but also culturally.

    Libya is a largely unreached nation with so many precious people and God has not forgotten them! His heart is set on making Himself known to Libyans around the world – through the internet, radio, TV, the faithful witness of His workers, and the supernatural workings of His Holy Spirit. He has been calling many to pray, love, and reach out to this nation.

    Are you one of those that God has been stirring? Has He been sharing with you His heart for Libya?  Do you have faith that there will be open doors for the Good News, and that many will go through them? We would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Libya, please contact us at:

    Praying for Libya:

    Pray for...

    • the new emerging leadership in Libya. Pray that God would raise up men and women of integrity and wisdom, who have the good of the people as their priority.
    • those in leadership working on the new constitution: Pray that it will reflect Kingdom values and bring a greater measures of justice and freedom to the Libyan people – including freedom of religion.
    • the rebuilding of Libya, both its institutions (schools, businesses, health care, national and local governments, police, etc.) and society. Pray for an atmosphere of reconciliation and a rebuilding of trust between the different groups of society as well as tribal clans.
    • those that follow Jesus in Libya: Pray that they would not come under a Spirit of fear, but be led by love and courage. Pray for indigenous fellowships to start, and pray that God would use His people to work for transformation and the rebuilding of their nation.
  • Mauritania

    In Mauritania, the wild Atlantic coasts meet the dunes of the Sahara desert. 75% of this nation is covered by the Sahara. Extreme droughts cause the Sahara to expand even more. Desertification poses a dangerous future for this traditional nomadic and agricultural society. This environment change has prompted rapid urbanization, resulting in unsafe squatter camps around the capital, Nouakchott.

    Mauritania is a unique and special place culturally. The population is almost equally divided between Moors of Arab descent and black Africans.

    Mauritania is one of the world’s neediest countries. One third of Mauritania's children face chronic malnourishment, and many families struggle to afford basic necessities.  Also, of the 19 people groups that are known, 14 are considered unreached with the Good News!

    Terrorist groups have been active in this nation and have made the country largely unsafe for foreign workers, with the result of many projects that try to reach most vulnerable closing down.

    Terrorist groups have been active in this nation and have made the country largely unsafe for foreign workers, with the result of many projects trying reaching out to those most vulnerable closing down.

    This needs to change! We want to stand in the gap for this beautiful country and its inhabitants. We believe that the Kingdom of God will be established, and that Isaiah 35:1 will become reality: “The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom”.

    Do you want to believe for a redeemed and blossoming Mauritania with us? Would you like to be an voice through which God works to fulfill his purposes for Mauritanians? Your prayers and involvement is needed – and counts! We would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Mauritania, please contact us at:

    Praying for Mauritania:

    Please pray for...

    • a break in dividing walls between the different people groups, and that people of peace would stand up against acts of discrimination and racism done against the black “African” population by the lighter skinned “Arab” population, who holds most of the power and wealth. 
    • liberty from slavery. Mauritania is a source, transit, and destination country for forced labor and sex trafficking. Even traditional slavery, although officially abolished, seems to still be practiced widely. Pray for lasting transformation of this nation, rooted in Kingdom values.
    • Mauritanian women and children to hear and respond to the Gospel.
    • strong, godly marriages among those that know Christ. Pray against the spirit of divorce and division (80% of the women have been divorced, many of them multiple times).
    • terrorist groups to be exposed and defeated because Islamist fundamentalist groups are very active in the country. Pray that it will be possible for expat-workers to return soon – there is a lot of work to be done in Mauritania! 

  • Morocco

    Morocco is known as the exotic gateway to Africa. From the shores of the Mediterranean and Atlantic to snow-peaked mountains to desert oasis– Morocco is a land of diversity both in landscape, people, and culture. 

    Morocco is known in Arabic as the Maghreb, which means, “the place where the sun sets”. It is on these lands that the sun sets on the Muslim world and on the 10/40 Window. It’s an important gateway into the region and Arab world.

    If you have a heart for God's work among Moroccans or would like to pray for Morocco, we would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Morocco, please contact us at:

    Praying for Morocco:

    Pray for...

    • the young generation. Many young people, often highly educated, don't find adequate, fulfilling jobs and are left without perspective. They question tradition and are looking for new ways of life. The temptation to move toward materialism and secularism is great. Pray that they would not be satisfied with superficial comforts but search for lasting fulfillment, joy and, hope.
    • the ongoing peace and stability in the country, which has been a very stable corner in North Africa.
    • more Scriptures to be available in the country and for boldness for believers as they distribute literature, disciple the new believers, and plant house churches. 
  • niger

    Niger is a country few ever visit. But those who do will find a land with a vibrant mix of people, whose warm generosity wins their heart. The Nigerien people are divided into 30 different ethnic groups, among which are the Hausa, Djerma, Fula, and Tuareg. We consider the landlocked nation part of our North Africa region, because it is one of the Sahara countries with 80% of its territory located in the desert.

    Niger is one of the poorest and least developed nations in the world. Since its independence it has gone through many political upheavals and several coups d'états. The country battles with desertification, droughts, and locust infestations that in recent years led to several severe famines and food-deficits, leaving thousands or even millions of Niger's citizens malnourished. Life expectancy is only 49 years, and child mortality iamong the highest in the world. The literacy rate is among the lowest in the world, with many children, mostly boys, only attending a few years of primary school. Many nomadic children don't have access to schools at all, and other children attend schools focusing solely on religious education.  

    Niger is officially a secular state with freedom of religion. More than 98 percent of the population is Muslim and hostility amongst religious groups is common but often from communities rather than the government. Historically, Islam in West Africa has been moderate, but in the last 20 years, dozens of Islamic associations have emerged, which aim to restrict the freedom of 'deviant Muslims' and minority religions like Christianity.

    We truly love this country. We want to see new workers called there to bring the Good News of the Kingdom in a practical and tangible way. We’re praying for an end to the famines and for God’s blessing on the land. We care for the workers that are there and support them and the projects they are running, praying for God's favor and fruitfulness on them.

    If you have a heart for God's work among the Nigerien people or would like to pray for Niger, we would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Niger, please contact us at:

    Praying for Niger:

    Pray for...

    • courage and boldness for new believers. Even with a constitutional right of freedom of religion, there is usually a high price to pay for those Muslims that decide to follow Jesus. Pray that freedom to choose one's religion becomes a value that is widely practiced.
    • the Christian church to be strengthened and to be prepared for higher pressure from extremist.
    • relief agencies to be able to bring in help quickly and efficiently to the many who need it. A toxic cocktail of rising food prices, drought, dying livestock, and failed crops are putting the lives of 370,000 children at risk. More than half of Niger's population is in need of urgent emergency assistance. Even more than just praying for relief agencies, pray that this cycle of droughts and being dependent on a single commodity might be broken and other sources of income become available.
    • Continued safety for those workers that work among the nomadic tribes in the North and West. Due to unrest in neighboring countries and to militant groups becoming stronger, there is a very real danger of abduction, which in turn puts relief and development projects in jeopardy that have been ongoing over several decades and have brought much needed help to countless people.
    • Especially for the children of Niger. For a future with adequate education, with sufficient nutrition, and for a childhood marked by hope and filled with life-giving joy!
  • tunisia

    Beyond the sandy beaches and well-known holiday destinations, Tunisia is a thrilling country where distinct cultures and incredible extremes of landscape can be found. To the South, the sands of the Sahara stretch deep into Africa and the traditions of the indigenous Berber peoples are persevered.

    In January 2011, Tunisia was the first country in the region of North Africa to revolt against its government in what has become known as the “Jasmine Revolution”.

    Tunisia is a country in transition, struggling to find its identity between a modern way of life and its traditional values. There is an open window over Tunisia right now. Many are curious to find out more about other ways of life and others’ beliefs, looking for new answers for their personal lives, society, and nation.

    Are you asking God about your part to help reach this nation and build His Kingdom in Tunisia? Do you want to be available for God to show His love to the people of Tunisia? We would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Tunisia, please contact us at:

    Praying for Tunisia:

    Pray for...

    • new workers to be sent into the harvest, both short- and longterm. There is a window of opportunity right now! People are open and curious to hear what other people believe. Pray fo  And pray about going and visiting yourself! :)
    • the Gospel to spread to the many areas without a Christian witness, for local believers to find each other and to be bold in passing on the Good News.  There are few established churches, and often only a few scattered believers that are very much on their own, especially in the very remote places.
    • the peace and unity of Tunisia. There is a growing concern that the fundamentalists will gain more power and influence. 
    • for the many people who are disillusioned that the revolution did not bring more change – new jobs, new opportunities – nor a better future. Pray that they will look to find hope beyond Western-style materialism. Pray for new business start-ups to provide new jobs for the disillusioned young generation. Pray for creative & innovative ways for the people to proactively shape their future.


  • western sahara

    This harsh, sun-soaked, sand-moving territory is home to the Sahrawi, a people of mixed Berber and Arab people from semi-nomadic descent. The Sahrawi are a warm and extremely hospitable people.

    The area referred to as Western Sahara today is one of the world's last remaining major non-self governing territories, according to the UN. When Spain relinquished its former colony in 1975, the territory was partitioned between Morocco and Mauritania, with Morocco acquiring the northern two-thirds. Mauritania, under pressure from Polisario guerrillas (a Sahrawi national liberation movement), later abandoned all claims to its portion, and Morocco quickly moved to occupy that sector as well, insisting that it is the rightful owner. A conflict between Morocco and the Polisario followed. The UN brokered a ceasefire in 1991, but the referendum that was meant to follow never happened. As of today, the final status of Western Sahara remains unclear.

    Of the 230,000 people that call themselves Sahrawi only approx 30,000 live in Western Sahara.  Many Sahrawi have fled to Algeria due to war, famine, and oppression, where about 90,000 of them live in refugee camps in a remote part of the desert that is often referred to as “The Devil's Garden”. For over 30 years they had lived in mud-brick huts and canvas tents, which offer little protection from frequent sand storms and scorching summer temperatures – yet, they are considered to be the most organized and well-run refugee camps in the world.

    At the same time, by offering incentives such as well-paid jobs and other benefits, Morocco encouraged its people to move down into Western Sahara to strengthen its claim and control over the territory.

    With the waters bordering Western Sahara being rich fishing grounds, most of its land is arid desert. The area near the 2700 km long sand wall, created by the Moroccan military to act as a separation barrier between the Moroccan and Polisario controlled sections of the territory, is infested with land mines and hinders safe movement for the local population. But no such barriers can hold back the Word of God. The Sahrawi are waiting for freedom and justice. God loves the Sahrawi people, and has plans of hope and a future for them. We know He is the defender of the weak and oppressed. We want to partner with Him in prayer and action, to be workers of freedom and hope for the people of Western Sahara.

    Will you be an agent of freedom and hope as well? Will you take part in breaking down the barriers for God's Word in Western Sahara through your prayers? We would love to be in touch with you and help you get connected. If you would like to receive our complete information package on Western Sahara, please contact us at:

    Praying for Western Sahara:

    Pray for...

    • the Sahrawi people, for many of whom life is bitter, to find abundant life in Jesus.
    • a resolution in the conflict for Western Sahara – that justice would be established.
    • Pray that new initiatives to bless the communities with God's love would be welcome. There have been very few open doors for workers in Western Sahara. Pray for men and women of peace to welcome those that move to Western Sahara to share the love of God. 
    • the Sahrawi living in the camps. For the few that follow Jesus, pressure and persecution is high. Pray for the children in the camps, that there will be a future and a hope for them.