Short Term Teams

Get Equipped to take you're team to North Africa by connection with our orientation trainers. Bring your team to YWAM's North Africa Regional Center in beautiful Southern Spain for a few days or whole week of orientation. 

Our orientation trainers bring many years of experience living and working in majority Muslim nations and communities. Teams that come through our center receive history of missions in the region, frameworks for understanding North African culture and beliefs, and fruitful practices for ministry including security and sharing. 

Contact our team today for availability and details on what your time with us could look like. Email or fill out the form below to instantly get in touch with our staff.

Bring your Short-term team to Spain

Bring you're team to serve along-side us at the North Africa Regional Center or through our Local Outreach Center in the urban center of our city. Utilize you're teams' skills and gifts through serving in practical ways and get plugged in to local outreach ministries. 

Let us take care of our teams' logistics and housing while you're here with us and join us in community wide events like our weekly base meeting, intercession times, and creative worship evening. 

Contact us now, to check availability, opportunities, and cost at or with the form below. 

Serving DTS Teams

We love sending and supporting YWAM DTS teams in North Africa! If you're planning to lead a DTS outreach team to any of North Africa, we would love to hear from you and support you in any way we can. We offer DTS outreach teams a full orientation on our base which can be utilized as a full learning week and outreach debrief. 

Consider coming to our regional center in Southern Spain with your Outreach team for orientation and spending some days with us after your outreach to North Africa for debrief led by our team. 

Contact today for availability and details about the program. 

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