Lecture Phase

The first 3 months of DTS North Africa are spent at the North Africa Regional Center in Southern Spain. Students, staff, and speakers live, learn, worship, pray, serve, and build a Kingdom community. Each week consists of a new discipleship topic and a new international speaker. This is a season of growth and understanding more of God's Nature & Character. To accomplish this, students take part in small groups, one-on-ones, classroom sessions, book reports, journals, work duties, and many amazing meals around the table together. 

Outreach Phase

DTS Outreach Phase is all about putting into practice what was learned during Lecture Phase. We prepare and send our outreach teams into frontier areas of North Africa where teams live in Muslim communities. Ministries may look like making relationships through sports, teaching English, language learning, serving a local business, orphan care, expedition style village ministries, cultural learning experiences, prayer walking, university outreach, and practical hands on service in the communities. 

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an intensive five-month adventure. Deepen your relationship with God. Two month outreach in the 1040 Window. Live in community- travel in teams.

During DTS we engage with God through practical, hands on teaching, centered on equipping you to be an effective messenger of the Gospel. Deepen you relationship with God through 11 weeks of practical training in a discipleship community. Next, we send teams to frontier mission locations, going where the workers are few.

DTS North Africa is a focused DTS and uniquely focuses on the region of North Africa. Frontier Missions is in our community's DNA. Throughout the school, we prepare for outreach with unique teachings on sharing our lives and faith with Muslims and unreached communities. 

PHASES GOALS                                  Cost
LECTURE KNOW GOD                     €2,400

In completing a DTS, you will be qualified to apply to serve at any YWAM operating location around the world.

Dates & Costs

The next DTS: February 1st - June 29th, 2018


  • Lecture phase: 2,400 Euros
  • Outreach phase: 2,400 Euros
  • Application fee: 25 Euros

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the North Africa DTS located?

The lecture phase of the North Africa DTS is located in southern Spain just outside of Malaga. You will live in Spanish style Villa just a 20 minute walk from the Mediterranean Sea.

When does the next North Africa DTS begin?

The next North Africa DTS will begin Thursday, February 2, 2017 and run through Friday, June 27, 2017. It is not to early to apply.

How long is the North Africa DTS?

The North Africa DTS is 5 months long; 3 months of lecture phase and 2 months of outreach phase.

How much does the DTS cost?

The Lecture phase costs is still to be determined and the outreach phase costs aprox. 2,250€. The outreach costs could change depending on location.

How will I pay for DTS?

The first thing you should do is pray! Begin asking God for wisdom and ideas on how to pay for your DTS. Students often finance DTS by saving money and/or relationship based support. Support raising can be intimidating at first, but don't be afraid. Begin talking openly and honestly with your friends and family about your desire to go to DTS and your need to raise financial support. Being vulnerable and honest will lead to great conversations and often inspire people around you to be a part of your DTS. Don't be afraid of sharing your needs. People are often looking for ways to take part in the advance of the Kingdom and discipleship.

Look for creative ways to raise money: bake sales, garage sales, ask a friend to host a fundraising party for you, provide services such as lawn care, photography, hair cuts. Don't let finances stop you from being a part of DTS.

How do I apply to the DTS?

Step 1: Complete the application, Step 2: Get 2 friends and your pastor to fill out reference forms (made available after you complete the application), Step 3: Pay your 25€ Application fee. Once we have recieved all of these items your application will be complete and you will hear back about your acceptance within 3 weeks.

You may apply online or contact us for a paper application.

Do I need a visa to attend the DTS?

Students coming from the European Union do not need a visa. Students coming from North America do not need a visa as you will be granted 90 days in the country upon entry. However this means that North Americans would not have much time to travel in Europe, so it is important that you do not plan any big trips before or after the DTS. Students coming from other parts of the world may need a visa so please check with us if you are unsure. At this time, we cannot guarantee that we are able to get visas for students in time.

Do I need health insurance?

Yes, all students need to show proof of health insurance for the full duration of the DTS.

What is the schedule like?

DTS is an intensive program meant to serve as a backdrop as you pursue the Lord with all your being. For that reason the DTS weeks are composed of many elements including worship, intercession, lectures, small groups, work duties, and other community activies. Your DTS weeks will be full 50+ hour weeks, with plenty of personal study and devotion time. It is an incredible setting to focus all of your attention on God and His mission.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few...