Foundations for Intercultural Studies

January 15th - June 26th 2020

Foundations for Intercultural Studies (FIS) is a second level course of the University of the Nations. (HMT 271 & 272) This course will introduce you to the North Africa region and the Muslim world at large. 

School cost: 2425 Euro (12 week lecture phase)

Practicum cost: Dependent on location

Location lecture phase: Malaga, Spain

A combination of lecture and practicum will provide 24 credits towards a degree with the UoN (each section is 12 credits)

info and application:


The lecture phase is an intense 3 months program, requiring at least 55 hours of formal and informal learning activities per week. These activities include small groups discussions, reading assignments, end of semester research paper, work duties and outreach. 

FIS Practicum takes place in North Africa and is 3 months. It is considered an important part of the school, and a two year commitment to a team afterwards is strongly encouraged. During the practicum, further assignments including cultural observations, home stay in a Muslim family, interviews, etc will be required. You will have the opportunity to put to use what you have learned in a team setting with experienced workers and under the supervision of a mentor.  


We welcome families with children! Both parents are encouraged to participate as students and to bring a nanny if needed. 


-Application, pastor’s reference, YWAM leader’s reference. (forms available on request.)

-Completion of YWAM Discipleship Training School, (DTS) 

Main elements in course curriculum: 

Spirituality of the Beatitudes. 

Becoming Salt and Light: walking in vulnerability and humility, embracing pain, strong in meekness, thirsty for righteousness, mercy seeking, pure of heart in serving, peacemaking and persecution prepared. 

Inter cultural skills

Understanding culture and developing intercultural communication skills is extremely important to be effective. You will learn how to make cultural observations and develop understanding of your own and other cultures based Biblical principles about ethnicity and how God intended cultural diversity as a sustainable eternal dynamic. 

Disciple Making Movements

The heart of this course focuses on Disciple Making Movements. You will practice Discovery Bible Study and small church throughout the course. One whole week will be devoted to learning about DMMs, finding ‘persons of peace’, multiplication of churches, discipling people who disciple others etc. 

Biblical Foundation for Missions

Working and living in often challenging circumstances requires a solid understanding of the mandate for missions and knowing God's heart for missions.

Islam and Christianity

The history of Islam, folk-Islam and orthodox Islamic theological tenets, customs, feasts, rituals etc.

Connecting with Muslims

In the course we learn to reach out as peacemakers to our Muslim friends. We learn about contextualization of the gospel in an honor-shame culture and how to introduce a deeper understanding of Jesus in a contextualized way. 

Worship, prayer and intercession

This course emphasizes the importance of worship, prayer and intercession as well as a healthy lifestyle for the longevity and fruitfulness of the worker. 

Personal development. 

Gain important insight on understanding your personality within a team context, how to set up healthy boundaries with our teammates, personal accountability and community life that lead to being successful and healthy on the field. 

Community development

Learn about working with poor and vulnerable people like street children or refugees in a holistic way. 

Outreach in the local community. 

Join the local team in reaching the community in Malaga. 

From the leader

Hello!! My name is JP and I will be leading the next FIS with a great group of staff - together we have well over 100 years of field experience that we want to plough back  into the next generation of workers, that the Lord is sending into the harvest. 

We are passionate about this training because;

  • It prevents new workers from making basic mistakes in the first two years, which causes them to be happier and more fruitful.
  • It creates an environment for learning in which junior and senior workers build strong relationships and common understanding of the challenges and opportunities on the field.
  • It prepares for a great work of God amongst the nations of North Africa.
  • I'm also passionate about having fun!! I feel so sorry for those office chairs...(Click picture of chair to see video) 

Usually we try to have a Skype call with people interested in applying for the school. Apart from getting to know each other it helps you get a good feel for what the school will be like and ask all the questions you might have. So email me and we’ll set it up!

Looking forward!




During the school we will have a variety of speakers who are practitioners and experienced field workers helping us explore different topics and challenges we face on the field learning from their experiences and stories.

  • Connecting With Muslims, sharing Jesus' love

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  • Understanding the islamic wordview

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  • Biblical basis for reaching out with the good news

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  • Language acquisition skills

    Type content here...

  • Working effectively in oral cultures, story telling

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  • Cultural adaptation and working inter- culturally

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  • Spiritual, mental, social and physical health of the worker

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  • Team dynamics and leadership skills

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  • practice Disciple Making Movements

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  • security issues and risk management

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  • poverty, community development and migration

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  • Project management

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