Foundations for Intercultural Studies

What is the FIS about? 

Through the curriculum content, -environment and the journey, students are helped to wrestle with questions such as:

  • What is the role of nations and ethnic groups in God's plan? How does the Gospel relate to intercultural relationships in a rapidly urbanising and globalising environment? 

  • How do I develop foundational skills, attitudes and strategies for building effective intercultural relationships in team life, project development, language learning, becoming established as a newcomer and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a different culture? How can I share the gospel, make disciples, and in be a person of reconciliation in an intercultural context?

  • How do I get a clear understanding of my own life mission? My personal gifts and some of the cultural treasures I can bring, and a greater appreciation for what disciples of other cultures have to bring as well? 

    Foundation for Intercultural Studies (FIS) is designed for those who have completed a DTS and want to prepare themselves to serve in locations throughout the Muslim world - in rapidly growing urban areas across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Our desire is for you to grow in intimacy with God, and understand his heart for Muslim people.This school is an intensive, three-month program with a weekly rotating faculty. The curriculum is designed to challenge you to develop a biblical worldview in regard to reaching out to people from other cultures, exploring themes such as helping the poor in meaningful ways, cross cultural adaptation and language acquisition skills, storytelling, and project planning. You will also acquire a basic understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the Muslim world and how the Kingdom of God can expand into those communities. 

    For the Field Assignment after the lecture phase, students are placed in a team on the field. Coaching, member care, and mentoring are provided by the North Africa staff.

    The next FIS will run September 6th - December 2nd 2017. 

    Families with children are very welcome.

  • The price for this school is 2,650 Euros and includes housing, meals, school fees, and an extended cultural observation trip including plane ticket to North Africa. 

From the leader

Hello!! My name is JP and I will be leading the next FIS with a great group of staff - together we have well over 150 years of field experience that we want to plough back  into the next generation of workers, that the Lord is sending into the harvest. 

We are passionate about this training because;

  • It prevents new workers from making basic mistakes in the first two years, which causes them to be happier and more fruitful.
  • It creates an environment for learning in which junior and senior workers build strong relationships and common understanding of the challenges and opportunities on the field.
  • It prepares for a great work of God amongst the nations of North Africa.
  • I'm also passionate about having fun!! I feel sorry for our poor office chairs... 

Usually we try to have a Skype call with people interested in applying for the school. Apart from getting to know each other it helps you get a good feel for what the school will be like and ask all the questions you might have. So email me and we’ll set it up!

Looking forward!




During the school we will have a variety of speakers who are practitioners and experienced field workers helping us explore different topics and challenges we face on the field learning from their experiences and stories.

  • Connecting With Muslims, sharing Jesus' love

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  • Understanding the islamic wordview

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  • Biblical basis for reaching out with the good news

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  • Language acquisition skills

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  • Working effectively in oral cultures, story telling

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  • Cultural adaptation and working inter- culturally

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  • Spiritual, mental, social and physical health of the worker

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  • Team dynamics and leadership skills

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  • practice Disciple Making Movements

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  • security issues and risk management

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  • poverty, community development and migration

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  • Project management

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