FIS Multi-Site

your first year in missions with us

Looking for different start and new kind of year? 

We will have a 6 month FIS Internship (Foundations for Intercultural Studies) designed to help new missionaries get the most out of their first year on the field.  You'll be living in community, in weekly training, and mentored by some amazing leaders. This program is all about Jesus centered relationships, language learning, and skill development. Interested? Contact us now to hear from the internship leaders.


  • Dates & Costs

    Next School: 25 September 2023- 9 March 2024

    Cost: 750 € school tuition + cost of living

               35€ application fee

    Based on the cost of living in Spain we strongly suggest the following amount for : 

    Food : 200€ monthly

    Housing: 375€ per student monthly (if shared accommodations)

    Other expenses to budget for include insurance, travel expenses, language courses, etc. If you have any questions, let us know and we can help you make estimates that fit you best.

  • Covid-19 Update

    We cannot say for sure what will be legally required as Covid-19 restrictions frequently change.  Please stay up to date with the entry requirements your site. We try to stay up to date on these also, so if you are confused don't hesitate to ask! 

  • Location & Partnership

    For this FIS Multi-site we are partnering with YWAM Provence in France and several other locations. This means that there will be students located here in Spain with us, in France, and possibly other locations. As you apply, you can choose which location you would like to join. 

  • Who can Apply?

    Anyone who has completed a DTS, can apply for this program. 

  • How can I apply?

    Apply Here on the YWAM Provence website. 

  • How will I pay?

    Start by praying and sharing your heart with friends and family.  Support raising can be intimidating at first, but don't be afraid of sharing your needs. People are often looking for ways to take part in the advance of the Kingdom and discipleship.

    We believe that finances are an important part to accomplish each step into missions. We also believe when we focus our lives in hearing God's voice and understanding His calling to our lives, finances will be a part of His promises. God is faithful and He will do His part in this area. 

    If God is calling you to our internship program, do not be discouraged! We want to hear more from you, pray and guide you in some ways to raise support. 

    Talk to us if you are worried about this. Don't let finances stop you.

  • What will the year look like?

    During this FIS Multi-site you will get all the training specifically for starting out on the missions field. There will be weekly trainings, worship, intercession, language learning and local outreach. You will be working in a team with experienced mentors who can help you through your first year of missions. At the end of the year, you will receive credit from the University of the Nations for completing the FIS school. 

  • Do I need a visa?

    If you are from the Schengen area in Europe then you do not need a visa. Otherwise, you may need one depending on which site you attend.

  • Do I need health insurance?

    Yes, you would need to have valid insurance for your time with us. 

  • Who will be my staff?

    Your staff will be YWAM workers who are passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God thriving in North Africa. That includes seeing Kingdom workers thriving spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally as they work to expand the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society. 

  • What happens after the FIS Multi-site

    After the FIS Multi-site, you will have a FIS diploma and be equipped to take your next step in missions, whether that is staying with us for more time or going off to another location. 

Training Topics

+Connecting with Muslims, Sharing Jesus' love

+Understanding the Islamic Worldview

+Biblical basis for missions

+Language acquisition

+Storytelling and oral cultures

+Cultural adaptation and working cross culturally

+Spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health of the worker

+Team dynamics and leadership skills

+Disciple making movements

+Security issues and risk management

+Poverty and community development

+Project Management